Our members are there to help organisations to be as effective as possible. The emphasis is on the importance of simultaneously improving productivity and quality and must be fully understood by all levels of management. Profit is considered to be one of the best single indicators that a private sector organisation is doing things right.

Financial performance is one of the most important yardsticks against which management is measured. Similarly cost containment and doing more with less is as important in non-profit environments. It is also generally accepted that financial statements in private and public sector organisations present the financial position and operating results of organisations fairly.

We recognise that we live in a fast ever changing world and we are alert to what this demands from our members. SAIMAS’s vision is "To react effectively as a dynamic professional body to the changing demands of the environment and its members by promoting excellence in the Management Services field."

Members of the Institute of Management Services are qualified by examinations conducted by Universities of Technology and Universities recognised by SAIMAS and is seen as the mark of professional excellence in our field. These take the form of formal written and practical examinations.

You can be assured that a management services practitioner who is a Professional Member (Management Services) of this Institute is properly qualified to work in management services. Furthermore, all our members are bound by the SAIMAS code of conduct, which was drawn up to ensure professional conduct by our members. Members who transgress the Code can be subjected to disciplinary measures.

Using Management Services

The extent of the management services field means that you can find professionals with the appropriate mix of skills and abilities to help with your specific problems. Use SAIMAS members to help you to facilitate or plan change, find solutions to problems, carry out investigations or facilitate workers at all levels of the organisation to find solutions to problems for any facet of your operations to improve your productivity and profitability.

SAIMAS members can maintain all your systems of management control and ensure that these systems are founded on correct and pertinent data rather than guesses or estimates. Today's management services professional can command a range of skills and techniques as wide as any. The profession has a great deal more to offer than just the traditional activities of time study and method studies, although these still have their place.

Using the unique skills of management services properly will make the best use of your resources and maintain your competitiveness and high levels of service delivery.

Managing Change Initiatives within the Organisation by Management Services

Management Service is a dynamic field and not restricted to only one level of an organisation.

The following are the different levels and example where Management Services professionals can be used:


  • High-level strategy establishment
  • Organisation  wide
  • Division specific
  • Organisation-wide restructuring and transformation, across functional divisions


  • mono-dimensional process re-engineering
  • functional, organisation restructuring


  • performance monitoring & measuring
  • productivity & efficiency improvements
  • service-level agreements
  • conformance with policies and procedures

Where you will find the Management Services division/section/unit in organisations?

Due to the mix of organisations where management services professionals are used and the extent of the management services field means that you can find professionals in different division/section/unit in organisations.

The following are example of names used in organisations:


  • Organisational Development
  • Management Services
  • Work Study
  • Organisational Renewal
  • Efficiency Services