The Management Services

Body of Knowledge

The practice of management services involves the use of a range of skills, methodologies and techniques. It also involves a particular attitude and approach to solving problems and utilising opportunities for continuous improvement of organisational performance. For many years SAIMAS has provided a detail description of a specific body of knowledge (BOK) for management services (MS). Given the rapid changes in and variety of organisations and areas in which Management Services professionals work, SAIMAS now believes that we should rather avoid detailed descriptions of content and, for that matter also long lists of tools, techniques and functional skills.

The current version of the MSBOK is therefore only defined at a high level to set out the topics and content. Management Services professionals deploy their professional’s knowledge to the benefit of the client, both in the pre-contract stage or in post-contract (delivery). The Management Services engagement process, include: scoping needs and defining what needs to be done the varying roles of a Management Services professional and how a Management Services professional adds value to a client proposal development, including exploring potential for success of an investigation/project and the benefits arising project management (i.e. delivering results within limited resources of people and time). The processes of data collection, tools and techniques for formulation of solutions and their implementation differ from situation to situation. The MSBOK is not used to assess competence or to describe competency. There is therefore no intention that the MSBOK substitutes for any statements of competence as used.

The diagram below summarises the body of knowledge of the Management Services profession. It identifies the areas in which work is performed and depicts the main functions and processes involved.

 Body of Knowledge